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We offer our customers the best in Service and reliability which has placed us at the forefront of our industry. With a well developed quality assurance program in place as well as staff who have been with us for many years, we continue to bring you only top level expertise and experience in this field. Our company policies ensure that we maintain our goals in all our undertakings. They are as follows:

  • Our management style is strictly on a “hands-on” basis with all the directors actively involved in all aspects of each work. We are dedicated to quality and meet our contract deadlines at all times.
  • A large proportion of our profits are retained within the company as financial reserves, providing stability to the company.
  • We maintain an “open-book” policy for negotiations or during final account or variation calculations.
  • We have managed to negotiate and secure a large percentage of our contracts using the above policies as a measure for our success.

BB-BEE Compliance and Associates

SA Financial Accountants is a Level 2 Broad-Based BEE Black Owned Company with various joint ventures with other professionals, registered accountants/tax practitioners, some of which are:

  • Mntungwa Financial Services – Registered Accountants and Tax Practitioners
  • Mzimkhulu & Associates – Registered Accountants and Tax Practitioners